Most of these are just paragraphs or stanzas that I need to workshop or expand upon. I wanted to assemble them all in one place instead of having them floating amongst various different note taking applications spread over several different devices.

Disclaimer: Some of the following works contain words or imagery which may be offensive to some individuals. Reader discretion is advised.

I felt the itch
Black as pitch
The Reaper came to visit
But it was not my time
There is a hole in your chest
Where your heart used to be
And I know the only thing
That can fill it is me
Did you really think you could with live yourself
For one more night?
Did you think you would just wake up and it would be all right?
And I knew my woman's plight
As I lay next to her through the night
My job was to be a better version of me
Yours was to see
Your job was to create a better version of me
Mine was to be
I recall your oration
As you stood before the nation
You said we were all to be stationed
And would be assigned our vocations
The air was filled with trepidation
You could hear no elation 
When it happens in Australia, France or on our own soil
We wring our hands and feign outrage for a while
When it happens along the banks of The Nile
We shrug it off, ignore it, and smile
Now that you've departed
We're left here as the broken hearted
I know your pussy's divine
Because I read it online
Are you holding your liquour
Or is your liquour holding you?
Dropping rhymes
Like I'm Flavor Flav
My name could have been William
But it's Dave
I'm a bad bitch
My body's sick 
I used to have a penis
Now I have a dick
Are you real?
Or are you real?
You've gotta have some of that 
Sex appeal
Come on now, Charlie
Did you really think you were going to be Marley?
I'm not saying this to be foul
But I don't just sit around rhyming vowels
I've got this friend of mine
He gets shit done online 
I've got this friend of mine
He's a big deal online
I've got this friend of mine
He takes care of shit online
I've got this friend of mine
He's getting shit done online
I've got seven of these 7/11 bitches
Seven bitches in
7/11 bitches 
Seven bitches in 
Seven bitches in
I've got seven out of eleven bitches in
Seven bitches in
Seven, seven bitches in 
Your Noble Light shines through
In everything you do
Your nurturing soul
Makes me feel whole

You are my muse
You change the seasons
Fill me with passion
Give me a reason

I remember the day
You shared your poetry
The darkness in you 
Touched the darkness in me
A Golden Seed was sown within
And then there were
The Darkness
And me

I know
That I will never
Another person like you
As long as 
I live
I may act like a baller
But I just want you
To be my 
Ball and chain
Liquid Indifference
Flows through my veins
Like a river of shit
You said I was your friend
But all I ever was to you
Was a means to an end
I helped you through
Your struggle
Then your cleared me
Out of your life
Like I was rubble
I was crying in the corner
Praying to your likeness
As my Madonna
You can't kill a bird
You can only put it to sleep
The ring
Is a circle
A symbol of infinity
Of everlasting love

But also
A shackle
Weighing me down
Binding me to a life
I never wanted
A carbide of Tungsten
A commitment to malfunction
I should have known better
Than to trust you with my heart
As I wander through
The rain and the snow
As I curse the Gods
Above and below
I want you to know
I would do it all again
Just to know
A little bit more
Of you
Hey there
You tall and pretty
Blue haired girl
You might be just what I need
You might
Just the thing I'm looking for
These poems
Raps, rhymes and lines
Twist through my mind
Like vines
And I'm looking for my baby
'Cause I know she's gotta be out there
My love is pure
Your love is vanity
You question my love
I question my sanity
Since I was born
Without a vagina
We might have to
Outsource one from China

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